Are You Breathing in Harmful Contaminants?

Find out with an air quality inspection in Casselberry, FL

When you think of contaminated air, outdoor pollution is probably the first thing that comes to mind. But did you know that your indoor air quality can have higher levels of contaminants than outside? Thanks to volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide and inadequate ventilation, you can be at risk of poor indoor air quality.

Learn if you're at risk with an air quality inspection from Inspector Express in Casselberry, FL. We'll thoroughly assess the air in your home to determine if anything is potentially threatening. Our high-tech sensors can detect all kinds of spores and particulates, so you can look forward to getting detailed results.

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Allergens, spores, and volatile compounds can accumulate in poorly ventilated homes, causing your living space to become stuffy and uncomfortable. You can determine if your home is at risk by scheduling an indoor air quality inspection in Casselberry, FL, or surrounding areas.

Inspector Express will look for:

  • Quantities of mold and allergen spores
  • Volatile organic compound levels
  • Carbon Dioxide levels

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