Get Our Complete Wind Mitigation Inspection Service

A wind mitigation inspection is used to determine your roof’s ability to hold up to strong winds. As hurricane season arrives in the state of Florida, ensure your home is fully protected by hiring our wind mitigation inspection experts at Inspector Express! We are a veteran-owned home inspection company with over a decade of experience offering services of unparalleled quality to our neighbors in Casselberry, FL. Additionally, a wind mitigation inspection can help lower your insurance premiums, so save money today by getting our service!

Protect Your Home From Wind and Water Damage

Our Wind Mitigation Report Covers:

  • Construction Year: The year tells us how strict the building codes were when your home was built.
  • Roof Covering: We assess the type of roof covering (shingle, tile, etc.) and the age of your roof.
  • Roof Decking: We review the material your decking is made of, the type of nails securing the shingles, and how far apart the nails are.
  • Roof To Wall Attachment: This helps us identify the type of fastener and the method used to attach the roof to your walls.
  • Roof Shape: We analyze how much the shape and slope of your roof protect your home from wind damage.
  • Secondary Water Resistance: We examine how well the type of material between the shingles and roof decking prevents water from entering your home.
  • Opening Protections: We see if you have additional protections on openings such as sunroofs, garage doors, windows, etc.

Keep your home protected from water damage by hiring our thorough wind mitigation inspection service today! (407) 342-1022